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If you're looking for The Best Musical Sites On Broadway then check this out!
1000 Nothing yet. 'Pretender' is moving in.
David's Townhouse. Has a great section on the life of the real Pocahontas. The site contains info. on the author, David Morenus, Starting Point and Metacrawler searches, and a huge library of links with some especially good ones related to help in building your own homepage. Last Update: N/A. Check it out!
1002 Metro Detroit Onstage. Is an attempt to set up a directory of theaters (professional, college & community), actors, etc. in the Detroit area. Currently only two theaters are listed. If you've got such a theater company, you could have your name listed there. Last Update: N/A.
1003 Sara Chaffin's Homepage (Update: 10-22-96) Previously a tribute to Sade page, 1003 now has a new inhabitant. A one Sara Chaffin who has up a single paragraph of information on herself and links to her tennis team at Southwestern University, her mom's homepage and to a picture of her sister. The rest of her page is comprised of broken links to her dad's homepage, her other webpages, her cool links and to all the images on her page. Really not worth wasting time over. Last Update: N/A.
1004 Mark Flitter's Homepage. A personal homepage with links to Babylon5 sites. Last Update: N/A.
1005 "Markus" homepage. Nothing seems to work (not much there anyway.) Last update: 3-11-96.
1006 Destini 777's Homepage. There's just a black-and-white picture of a weird-looking unicorn. Last Update: N/A. Not worth wasting time over.
1007 The Easynet. An attempt at forming a directory of 'useful links' with input from visitors. Currently there are only 4 links. Last Update: N/A.
1008 Valerie's Dance Page. Currently under construction. Contains links to 'cool dance sites.' Two of the five links have moved, one's broken and the remaining two work. Last Update: N/A. Not worth wasting time over.
1009 Microslob Windoze 95 Homepage. Completely useless page. Aims to make fun at Microsoft and Bill Gates. Summary of site: "Microsoft=Microslob, Windows=Windoze, Bill Gates=Gill Bates, you click on Windoze 95 you get the windows cloud background and a start button, you click on the start button and you get a screenshot:"c:\win95\win"..."Bad command or file name" ... "C:\win95\_" That's all -- there's nothing else there! Last Update: N/A Don't waste your time on it!
Broadneck's 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers' homepage. Is maintained by the Broadneck senior highschool's 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers' cast. Includes a synopsis of the musical and a link to a recent press release on the movie. (Not to mention a truly beautiful background image.) Last Update: 11:30 p.m. May 21, 1997. Not bad.
madamex's Home Page This is all there is:"Hi,my name is Mady Perez and I am from Puerto Rico. (Hello, to all my friends back there and those in USA.) I go to Babson College in Boston. Yes, there is a lot of work at Babson, but Boston is fun." Oh yeah, and there's a link to Babson University. Waste of time.
Gideon's Dove Information about a band called Gideon's Dove. Their index.html file is in caps (INDEX.HTML) and it didn't load automatically when I tried their site. They've got samples from their lyrics and their songs and a lot of (on purpose?) spelling mistakes. Hmmm. Strange...
Black-Fox Home Page This is a page, in French with links to other pages in French and, from what I can ascertain, info. on the creator(s). Sorry, my French is terrible! OK. I guess, if you know French! :)
showman's Home Page A nicely-written one paragraph build-up to something called "The Carnival of Souls" which should be "coming to a theater near you." Too bad that the text is in blue-on-black and hell to read. There are no links or anything, just this paragraph. Strange.
Musicalfreunden Deutschland This is a German site set up by a group of people with the aim of networking on all things musical. I couldn't understand most of the site as, unfortunately, I don't know German but there is a wealth of information there for those who understand the language. Here's a quotation from their mission statement: (this is the only part of the site that I've found in English) "The Musicalfriends Germany . . . are a nation-wide union of musicalfriends in Europe. We are interested in all kind of musical and communicate and support each other world wide in this field . . . Every german-speaking person, being interested in musicals can be admitted." Even if you don't know German I'm sure you'll benefit from the links to Musical Show Sites and to places on the web where you can Shop For Musicals and musical-related stuff. Check it out! Not to be missed if you know German.
ben shpayer's home page!! This site has nothing to do with musicals and everything to do with the games Donkey Kong Country 1,2 & 3 and with Mario64. If Donkey Kong's your thing...
Neil Dubnoff's Homepage Nothing really except links to the Netspace Project at Brown, CNN's Internet and Technology Site, Strouds Consummate Winsock Apps, The Simpsons Archive and the New York Times..Internet Edition. No content.
vladamir's Home Page Not musical related. Has information & a link on the Marshall Islands, links to submarine related sites and the authors resume. Not musical related.
THE man to cast. Don Fleming's Home Page. This site belongs to actor & stage manager Don Fleming. Besides his resume and headshots there are samples of his poetry and a really useful page of links to sites where you can post your headshots and/or browse casting calls etc. (In short, resources that are really important if you're an actor/technician in the field.) Definately check it out!
The Bruce Nehring Consort El Paso's Professional Singers and Chamber Players. Has information on the consort as well as a really large page of links to other choirs around the country (quite a resource!) Looking for a choir?
Special Events Year Of The Ox and Christmas greeting messages from Irene and Eric Chia Not musical-related.
Travel To Russia Information on going to Russia. Not musical-related.
A page in the book of NOTHING Jessica Kent's personal homepage. Not musical-related.
Painting and scenography by Marco Rinaldi. The title pretty much sums up the site. Not musical-related.
Neto's Neat-O HomePage Neto's personal home page. Not musical-related.
A Musical Homepage Lots of info., pictures and links to lyrics from many popular musicals. I just happened to stumble upon this site and I can't really write too much right now but I'll have a more thorough review in a bit. Definately check it out! Not to be missed.
Spotlight. A wonderful resource for theatre/musical lovers, Spotlight, is a lovely site practically overflowing with useful information and events. Maintained by Kristen Widenmaier, Spotlight features a 'Spotlight Award' program for the best theatre/music/poetry/ performing arts-related sites with a page of links to past winners. There's also the Spotlight Connection: a database of people interested in theatre/musicals, etc. which you too can join. I found the 'Phantoms of the stage' section, where both Kristen and people who've been visiting her site relate stories of their performance follies, to be full of hilarious anecdotes which had me laughing out loud. Other highlights include a quiz section where you can test your musical-awareness, pages dedicated to Gene Kelly and Judy Garland, a dance page, a very useful survey (under The Lighting Booth) on the representation of theatre on the net, a few MIDI files from musicals in The Orchestra Pit, and lots of links to interesting sites (lots of good musical-related links to be found.) Update: 10-22-97 - Lot'a of updates on the page, I especially enjoyed the little article on singing at auditions. Last Update: N/A. Not to be missed.
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