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Above the world, Just below heaven.

        When we said good-bye,
        I didn't mean it forever
        Now days have gone by,
        And it seems like I'll never

        Hear your voice,
        So sweet and dear,
        Look in your eyes,
        Like diamonds they'd peer

        Will I never feel your breath next to my face?
        Never feel your lips next to mine?
        Have you gone, disappeared, without a trace?
        Or is it just a matter of time

        For the miles between us to forget and leave?
        Or is there a way for us to deceive
        Our fate, our destiny--for now it seems
        We're lost in dark mountains,
          Between cliffs of humanity--but maybe,

        Just maybe, our eagle of hope will survive--
        Drop down and bring us to his nest in the sky
        Where we'll meet and stay forever--
        Above the world,
          Just below heaven.

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