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A Child's View

        Parents, who understands them -- they are so queer,
        Just when you're doing something mischievous,
        They suddenly appear!

        Of course you say you're innocent,
        But little do they believe,
        You make up such stories,
        Even God it would intrigue!

        Then comes the lecture, long and boring,
        You think it will never end,
        Your eyes close; you start snoring --
        Maybe it will never end!

        Then they start arguing about punishment,
        You think yourself at court,
        You wish you had a lawyer;
        And on your side he fought.

        But then your dreams shatter,
        As your father's hand swiftly lifts --
        You feel your life stutter,
        As you're sent up to your room.

        Parents, who understands them, they are so queer,
        But still life would not be the same,
        If they were not here.

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