The Broadway Search

Is your homepage fit for the Best of Broadway? I've started a survey which I call The Broadway Search to determine the best musical homepages in the Broadway neighbourhood to include in the 'Best of Broadway' directory. If you're a fellow homesteader and think your page should be included on the list, check to see if it meets the following criteria:

1. The page must be in Geocities Broadway The Best of Broadway directory will only include homepages in the Geocities Broadway neighbourhood (URLs beginning with For links to other musical-related pages, see my Favorite Links page.

2. The page must be related in some way to musicals either your own or other people's and must contain either information about musicals (text, pictures or sounds), MIDI files of songs from musicals, or links to quality musical-related sites.

3. The page must be aesthetically pleasing (legible, at least) and must load properly with either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

If it is, email me at with 'The Broadway Search' in the subject line and your URL in the body of the message.

I'll check it out and let you know as soon as possible whether your page was accepted or not.

If your page is accepted I will include a link and a brief description on the Best of Broadway page and send you instructions on how you can include the Best of Broadway Award on your homepage. (The award contains a link to the Best of Broadway page, so that people viewing your page will be able to make use of the resource to find other musical-related sites.)

'The Broadway Search' and the 'Best of Broadway' page, if successful, should evolve, with the co-operation of people like you, into a valuable one-stop resource (an index / yellow pages of sorts) to help people interested in musicals to locate musical-related homepages within the Broadway neighbourhood.

If you have and questions or comments please feel free to email me. Thanks.

  The melody coming through your speakers is 'The Circle of Life' from The Lion King. It's there, along with other MIDI files, in My MIDI File Collection. Check it out!

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