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Me singing 'Arabian Nights' from Disney's Aladdin in West End, North Cyprus II.
West End, North Cyprus II
You can find pictures from my last concert in North Cyprus here. I've just started building this page so don't expect a photo-biography!

New! The Broadway Directory New!
Reviews of Broadway homesteads. As part of the reconstruction I'm carrying out on the page I've begun to rework my original idea of a directory on Broadway with reviews of each site that I visit. I've gone over the first ten and updated them where necessary. Take a look. I'm gonna start work on reinitiating the Broadway Search award program next.
The Broadway Directory

Close-up of Ebru during a song from Cats.
Almost Broadway!
Memories from my last highschool production. Almost Broadway! was my formal introduction to the world of musicals. It was during the rehearsals that I first heard Jesus Christ Superstar and learned about the existence of a certain (now Lord) Andrew Lloyd Webber...

We staged Jesus Christ Superstar in the Spring of '95 at the Salamis Ruins in North Cyprus. Somehow I ended up without any photos of the actual performance but you can find my initial scouting shots of the ruins here. I've got a video of the performance and I am trying to transfer some footage to the page, so keep coming back!
The amphitheater at the Salamis Ruins.

(news & photos about my previous concert)
Seen here is your's-truely as The Phantom, singing Music of the Night. The lovely dame who happens to be standing in as Christine Daae is Asli Ersoy. The page has more pictures, sound-clips and info. about the show. If you were one of the unlucky billions to have missed the event, and want a feel for what it was like, by all means -- step inside...  
Asli & me in 'Music of the Night' 

Best of Broadway THE BROADWAY SEARCH  I'm searching for the best musical sites in Broadway. If you think that your site
should qualify, send me an e-mail including your site's URL and I'll check it out. If I like it I'll include it in my
Best of Broadway page and you'll get the nifty little award you see on the left.

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